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Gas Engineer takes on Business Skills

Posted - 16 / 01 / 2014 by Trainer

smith bros & dixonChris Smith of Smith Bros & Dixon, a family run business, has just undertaken the course Making Your Business Work and here is his feedback!

‘The course, the web site and each chapter were easy to use, navigate and extremely relevant and informative, with every chapter and word important to running a small two man operation like ours.

Time is one of the most difficult things for me to find, so I just made a decision to get the course done in two nights and watched all of the videos back to back half the first night and half the second so that I could think about everything at once and then look at my own company.

Each video explained everything really well, and I found that as I undertook my tasks over the next few weeks I was really thinking back a lot to the excellent content. At the end of a few weeks  I realised that as a company we were doing some things very well, some things well which maybe could be excellent and some things we didn’t do at all we needed to do!

Having never had formal business training before, my confidence grew when I saw that we were doing some things really well. Where we could improve, I could see clearly the difference between where we were and what I needed to do to go from well to excellent. Where we did not do things at all, it was great to know because now we can implement some things that will be good for us.

As we carry spare parts on the van and what we learned in the course has already helped us to get a better balance of parts and we know that we have saved money already on this as we are making less trips to the supplies companies, saving fuel and time. When we get our new van, we will be arranging the van better to make us more efficient, with some of the techniques we have learned in layout and stocking. 

We have not used the downloads yet, that is our next step. Initially the videos were enough for us to take on board, but we will be looking at our procedures for controlling costs more and looking at the templates in detail as we move forward.

Overall, we are confident that our business will be more profitable as a result of watching Making Your Business Work’ 

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