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Making Your Business Work

'Making Your Business Work' is a V-Learning training course brought to you by Three Minute Trainer. The course introduces you to the skills, confidence and way of thinking required to make major savings in time, effort and money for your business, regardless of the sector you work in.

The tips, techniques, examples and ideas presented in 'Making Your Business Work' will help you to look at potential improvements to your organisation, which can make your business more physically effective, cost effective and ultimately drive you towards achieving greater results.

This training course includes tips and techniques in planning, quotations, suppliers, costs, inventory, warehousing, capital, process improvement, communication and developing an operational plan to achieve business goals.

Making Your Business Work has been written by our business experts using real examples from their experiences across a wide range of successful organisations.

We believe in bitesize chapters, which are digestible and entertaining, so each of the 17 ‘Making Your Business Work’ chapters is between three and four minutes in length and designed to be viewed as a single training session, giving our V-learners enough time to view, pause and review the content, before moving to the next chapter. View the course content

Each chapter also comes with a set of FAQs, additional resources and web links for further reading. Our community forum allows users to discuss chapter content, best practice and their experiences with one another, which aids collaborative learning.

The cost of this training course for each learner is £90 (ex VAT) paid at the start of the 12 month subscription. This includes 24/7 access to the 17 training chapters, community forum and additional download resources. View our pricing

Multiple subscriptions for this course can also be purchased. Learn more about multiple subscriptions

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